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32 basic facts about teeth and gums

Dental health is a matter of life-long concern. Whatever your age, you can and should have a healthy mouth and a pleasant smile. Your dental health is an important part of your general health. Correct dental care can help you keep your teeth for a lifetime. At one time or another questions on dental health would have cropped up in your mind. You will find 32 such questions answered here.

Q1. What is a healthy tooth?
Q2. How does tooth decay start?
Q3. What is gum disease?
Q4. How can tooth decay and gum disease be prevented?
Q5. When should you consult your dentist?
Q6. Is professional cleaning of the teeth necessary?
Q7. What can happen if missing teeth are not replaced by artificial teeth?
Q8. Should you use a mouthwash?
Your child & its teeth
Q9. What are the types of teeth?
Q10. When do the primary and permanent teeth appear in the mouth?
Q11. Are children always ill when they are teething?
Q12. Should gums be lanced to help teeth come out?
Q13. Why is it important to keep the primary teeth and to have them filled if cavities develop?
Q14. Does filling primary teeth weaken permanent teeth?
Q15. Should a primary teeth that is lost be replaced with a 'space maintainer'?
Q16. If a child's primary teeth are decayed, irregular or poorly formed, will its permanent teeth also be faulty?
Q17.What should you do if your child accidently breaks or cracks a tooth?
Q18. What harm can irregular or malformed permanent teeth do to a child and what should be done about it?
Q19. What is the proper age at which to begin correcting irregular tooth position?
Q20. Should something be done about the jagged edges of newly erupted teeth?
Q21. What is the purpose of examining permanent teeth soon after they appear?
Q22. Is thumbsucking harmful to a child's dental health?
Q23. At what age should a child start using a tooth brush?
Q24. What is the relationship between nutrition and dental health?
Q25. Should you give your child calcium tablets while its teeth are forming?
Q26. What is the place of sweets in the child's diet?
Q27. Should you defer your child's first dental visit until it needs dental attention?
Q28. At what age should you take your child to the dentist for the first time?
Q29. How should you prepare your child for its first visit to the dentist?
Q30. What will the dentist do during your child's first visit?
Q31. Should X-ray pictures be taken of children's teeth?
Q32. How can you encourage your child to have regular dental examinations?

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