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Electricity Supply Services

BEST Information

During the monson months, the incidents of electric shock and interruptions in supply generally tend to increase. To cope with such situation, BEST not only takes preventive measures but also deploys additional staff to attend to the complaints. The duration of interruptions may be longer due to factors like inaccessibility in water logged areas, etc.

In case of electricity going off in your premises, please contact respective fuse control centres of BEST in areas identified below :


BEST has 8 Fuse Control Centres at different localities, all of which are fully computerised having data of over 8.5 lacs consumers. Consumers are required to give either their "Bill number" or "Meter Number" while lodging complaints at the Fuse Control Centres. The bill number is printed on the top right side corner of the electricity bill. Meter number is printed in the first row on left side of the electricity bill. The consumers are requested to keep one of these numbers handy for reference in such event.

Fuse Centres (24 hours) when individual's flats are affected

North Zone
Mahim Fuse Centre 2444 4242
Dadar Fuse Centre 2412 4242
Worli Fuse Centre 2495 4242
Suparibaug Fuse Centre 2411 4242
South Zone
Colaba Fuse Centre 2218 4242
Pathakwadi Fuse Centre 2208 4242
Khetwadi Fuse Centre 2385 4242
Masjid Fuse Centre 2377 4242

Fault Control (24 hours): When number of Flats in the same building are affected or adjacent Buildings are also affected and in case of major area off supply, shock, sparking complaints etc.

Dadar Fuse Centre 2414 6611
Pathakwadi Fuse Centre 2206 6611

In case of excessive delay in attending to individual complaints:

North Zone
Supervisory Control 2414 5888
South Zone
System Control -

BEST requests the co-operation of the consumers in bearing with such incidents and conform to the D0s and DON'Ts listed below to avoid electric shocks and interruptions


  1. Protect the meter cabin from water by concreting, raising the height of the cabin etc. and in case of wooden cabin, protect it suitably.
  2. Get the electrical wiring right from meter position to individual flats/premises and internal wiring as well; thoroughly checked by Licensed Electrical Contractor.
  3. Switch 'OFF' the main switch in premises and cabin in case of water leakage/ logging and switch 'ON' only when it is attended to and installation is checked by Licensed Electrical Contractor.
  4. Inform concerned BEST control centres in case of sparking or shock in meter cabins, street lighting poles, distribution pillars etc.


  1. Don't touch the installation with bare or moist hands or without taking safety measures such as hand-gloves, wooden/insulated platforms, etc. in case of water falling.
  2. Don't touch meters, street lighting poles, distribution pillars, etc., in case of sparking.
  3. Don't use more load when temporary supply is given to your building or installation. This may lead to off - supply.

The BEST may in the interest of safety, be compelled to switch 'OFF' the supply in certain areas to avoid danger to the installations by flood water. Consumers' co-operation in dealing with such temporary inconvenience is requested.

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