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Mahim Bus Depot

Mahim is a centralised location and is a very convenient spot as far as travelling in Mumbai is concerned. It is very close to Dadar which is a major focal point for train, as it is accessed by the Western, Central and the Harbour lines, as well as outstation trains.

Mahim Bus Depot is 10 minutes walking distance from Mahim railway station. For General Bus Operation information: Telephone 1800 22 7550.

Common citizens of Mumbai are obviously not aware of many surprising features of the BEST's Bus Service. Just to state a few examples:

  • Bus Route No. 166 - Plies on roads interconnecting maximum number of Hospitals.
  • Bus Route No. 161 - This route covers maximum number of Oil Reservoirs and unpopulated areas in Eastern wings of the city.
  • Bus Route No. 9 - A network of large number of school and colleges is interwoven by this route.
  • Bus Route No. 320 - These routes have an outstanding feature of connecting two largest water reservoirs of the city.
  • Bus Route No. 700 ltd. - The longest route (45.1kms.) (Mira Road to Vasantrao Naik Chowk).
  • Bus Route No. 1 - Round the clock operating bus routes.

We present here a list of bus routes that start/end in Mahim bus Depot:
For all the bus routes going through Mahim, click here

Route No. Starting Point Ending Point
Regular buses :
1 Colaba Bus Station Mahim Bus Station
74 Ballard Pier Mahim Bus Station
174 Nadkarni Park Mahim Bus Station
223 Mahim Bus Station Marve
225 Mahim Bus Station Dahisar Bus Station
376 Shivaji Nagar Mahim Bus Station
382 Anushakti Nagar Mahim Bus Station
Limited buses :
202 Mahim Bus Station Dahisar Bridge

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